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GE is currently searching for Top Notch Communications Talent to oversee communication with customers, sales teams, internal employees, media and other key audiences as defined by the business (projects include employee product launch plans, branding, business media relations, executive positioning, digital customer engagements, crisis and reputation management, and leadership communications)

 We are FullStream - Optimizing increasingly complex oil and gas operations is more crucial than ever. Every asset, person, process and system in your business generates significant amounts of data. The key to converting this information into actionable insights lies in digitalization and making data work for you. With enterprise oil and gas software from BHGE, purpose built on GE's Predix and Asset Performance Management (APM), customers achieve a step change in fullstream productivity across assets, people, processes and systems. By removing silos and connecting data, insights, and self-learning models across your operations, you will increase capital efficiency & profitability, decrease marginal costs and manage resources

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